japanese scifi 90s?

My movie is I believe a 90’s movie but maybe late 80s or early 00s. I would have seen it in the late 90s or early 00s. I think it was japanese language with subtitles but maybe dubbed. I saw it on tv but i think it was a movie. It was in color. From what i remember it was about some guys fighting against aliens who look like humans but can transform into kind of reptilian creatures. I think the aliens had control of some powerful corporation. I think one of the main guys wears glasses. One scene I really remember is a fight against a giant clock that jumps off the wall and attacks them. Near the end of the movie, there is a fight with an old guy who transforms into a creature with a bunch of tentacles. It is a live action movie not anime.

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  1. Wow… solved in 4 minutes. That’s got to be close to a record. Although I do remember once approving a post and immediately starting a response to the poster, only to find out someone else gave the same (correct) answer before I even hit “submit” on my response!

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