I can pretty much remember the whole script to this low-budget movie that I saw YEARS ago, but cannot remember the name or find anything like it via Google search. It`s not B&W, but the 1-room scenery is all-white. Scientists make a baby boy, and raise him to adulthood in isolation except for “Dad” and a couple of other staff who come and go. The young man {white guy, wavy brown hair, slight athletic build, average height and appearance} wears the basic white “futuristic” simple tunic and pants, but is barefoot. He learns everything from books and the little that “Dad” explains. Eventually, he`s a man and wants “more”, so a pretty young female teacher is brought in, but she`s not allowed to stay. There`s a crazy bed-sofa-table-lounge piece of furniture, but otherwise the space lacks any other stuff. Most of the movie is solely dialog, until the end when it gets “funky”. I asked the folks in my philosophy club if they knew it, but it`s almost as if I`m the only person alive to see it, chancing upon it as I did a walkabout in Youtubeland.

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