Idiot Manchild with a Wham-O Air Blaster; early 70s

Pretty sure I am conflating two different movies here, but I’ll give it a shot:

This is an early 70s drive-in exploitation film that showed up later in the decade on a local TV Midnight Horror feature. There is a scientist or doctor who keeps two young women bound in his basement, periodically taking their blood to revive a lost loved one (it’s not Dr. Phibes). The part that sticks with me is a large half-witted “Lenny from Of Mice & Men”-type character in overalls who carries around a Wham-O Air Blaster while doing the doctor’s bidding.

Any help is appreciated.


4 thoughts on “Idiot Manchild with a Wham-O Air Blaster; early 70s

    1. Man, that’s a good guess but ultimately I think I really am conflating two different movies. I distinctly remember the women chained in the basement, and I def remember the Air Blaster, although this guy is carrying around a toy robot. I watched it on Dailymotion and it’s definitely in the ballpark. Let me do a bit more digging. Thanks vm.

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