I remember this movie… (Soldier movie where a girl is forced sexually with a rifle)

Been stuck in my mind for several years, the concept can be intolerable at times. Time to find it, may the only way–for me–to forget.

I saw it around 2011 – 2015. The soldiers spoke English, ”Fuck her with your gun,” but it could have been German and the soldiers where merely the antagonists. I saw it on my PC, not sure what site, but it wasn’t porn (there wasn’t even nudity). It was colored.

The only scene I remember: One girl, teenager, white, blond, is placed on a table then the two American-accented soldiers do two things: One pours flour on the girl, coloring her a pale white, while the other tears of her clothes. Then one suggests to ”fuck her with your gun” and the scene shows her head while the soldier does that.

That is all I remember, I believe I stopped watching after that point because it was too much.

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