I remember one specific scene but not any of the actors/actresses or the movie….. Help!

Year of movie: 2000-2010

Channel: Comedy Central

Genre: Comedy

When I saw it: 2-3 years ago

Language: English

So in the scene, a guy and a girl are in a college dorm room having sex and the girl rolls over off of him and wants to go again, acting kind of sex-crazed, while the guy is pooring sweat. He says “I’m thirsty” or “I need to get a drink of water” something along those lines. He gets out of the bed and sprints out of the dorm room in fear of this girl, she chases after him but stops at the door and is face to face with a chubby guy who she pulls into the dorm room to resume with the sexual stuff.

That’s all I remember of this movie, someone help please!



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