I remember a couple, a pregnancy, a prison, and a chainsaw…

I saw this movie on TV in the late 90’s. The opening was of the main characters-a couple-who were running down the highway being pursued by the police. They end up getting captured and taken back to the new-age-ish prison. All of the inmates were required to swallow these devices that would self destruct if they crossed the threshold of their prison cells.

The prisoners were kept divided into male and female divisions. The main female character was pregnant and she and her partner/spouse didn’t want the prison guards/captors to know about the pregnancy. For some reason all of the female inmates who were pregnant never survived the delivery.

The movie is focused on the male lead trying to work with his cell mates in getting out before his wife/partner gives birth. I remember he and his cell mates created this piece of equipment that acted like a magnet to the device inside all of the inmates.

I remember the couple escaping just as the woman is about to be killed (potentially with a chainsaw). They make it to this farm and fend off the last of the prison guards as they try to recapture the couple.

This movie was in color, in English, and seemed to be made in the early 90’s or late 80’s. This definitely wasn’t a TV series because I remember it being over 1.5 hours long.

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