okay, so i saw this movie probably around 8 years ago and it was a horror movie where there were these 3 people in their early 20s. (2 guys 1 girl). they are running from this crazy killer who is trying to capture one guy to take a body part of his. At one point one of the characters calls him “fuck face”. i also remember a scene where the killer runs over this dude’s legs multiple times which was great. the killer is kind of tormenting them throughout the whole movie pretty much. i think he uses road kill at one point and puts it in one of the character’s beds in a motel. toward the end of the movie when the main character is captured by the killer you find out that the chick that was with the 2 guys was in on it the whole time and is the killer’s lover or sister or i think even both lover and sister. it is a really weird movie and it is kind of old like maybe made in the 90s or early 2000s. hopefully someone can help me out 😀

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