I forgot the title of this unpopular movie, pretty hard to search

So i remember i watched this movie in a DVD about 3-7 years ago. It was in english, here a brief sypnosis i remember.

So there is a guy who moved to another place to attend high school or to follow his dad i dont remember. when he moved there, his next door neighbour has a family consists of a father and a daughter, the father is one of his teacher in his school. the dauhter next door is very isolated and kept by his father. later in the movie, the guy gets to know the daughter and hangs around with her, but her father always keep them apart for some reason. after this character development, the guy enter the next door daughter house to found out a shelf full of books which she says to keep out because her father. the guy opens the book and it turns out a monster appears from the book, he managed to capture the monster by bringing it close to the book, the climax if this film consist of the guy found out the daughter next door neighbour is actually from a book aswell, but a diffrent one. it turns out his father writes a story on a typewriter (or just write it i dont remember), makes it into a book, and the character from the book can come to life, thats where the girl and monster come from, very late into the movie the guy accidentally released all the creatures from the book and we get to see a fight of him and the girl trying to put all this moster to the book in a amusement park, then he is forced to put the girl back to the book even though he dosent want to because the father (his teacher) told him its necesarry. in the end of the movie he feel sad because he has been in a relationship with the girl, he went to the school, greeted by the teacher and met the girl that come out of the book, later the girl burns the book while the teacher (father) watches from the distance


i would really like to know this movie title, i watched it as a kid and i want to watch it again lmao, i cant find the dvd, and i cant seem to find the title by seaching the sypnosis on google


thans very much

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