Horror/Child-horror, late 80’s/90’s (+bonus)

Anyone know this?

Movie 1: Probably made in the 80’s or early 90’s. Little girl afraid of something under her bed. Screams for parents, and find out its her older brother hiding there to scare her. Next night someone grabs her legs from underneath the bed – but this time it is an unknown adult male.

At some point the girl is “sucked” out of her room by some unknown force, and she is suddenly in a basement-looking place with several doors. She opens some of the doors, and i remember that in one of the rooms there is an ugly looking witch that cooks something in a huge kettle. That is all i remember.

Movie/series 2: (this is a long shot – i barely remember anything, and have been trying to find out what this was for about 20 years now) Alright, it is a still image flick (if thats what its called?) like figures places in different positions, then pictured and made into a movie. I remember a huge giant(…) threatening a stone-age community (i belive the giant had one eye only). I also remember a dragon in a cave entrapped in a chain. like a leash. I am not sure, but i belive the people used this dragon to attack the giant. Everything was very poorly made.

Any tips is appreciated – have in mind that my description may be wrong. Its been many years since i saw this. Fire at will!

8 thoughts on “Horror/Child-horror, late 80’s/90’s (+bonus)

  1. Wow you guys – i actually think both of you guys are correct. The #1 has probably become a memory/nightmare mixture in my mind, and therefore aint spot on, but it is too close to be anything else than correct.

    When it comes to #2, Jesus Christ almighty, this is jackpot and bingo simultainiosly. It is as close to my memory as it gets. What a weird feeling i got when i watched that just now. Beyond nostalgia. Thank you guys.

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