Horror/action movie where characters enter an alternate reality

I watched the movie around 2006-2008ish. I rented it from a Blockbuster, and I distinctly remember the cover being this woman with black hair crouched down low in a feral stance and she had long sharp teeth and claws and behind her were to people who also had sharp teeth.


Basically they ‘played a game’ in which they entered a different reality almost where they had these powers and stuff (like The Matrix except not at all The Matrix) the main character was this dude (i can’t remember what he looked like) but at the end one of the girls (i think the dudes girlfriend was killed and she died in real life or something like that.

8 thoughts on “Horror/action movie where characters enter an alternate reality

  1. There’s a movie, Stay Alive from 2006 where a group plays a video game and if they die in the game they die in real life. I can’t remember if they go into the game though, I saw it when it first came out. Worth a look though

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