Horror/suspense movie with filmmaking crew in jungle (India? Asia?) with maze/temple

So I saw this movie MANY years ago.., possibly 2009-2011, but it may have come out in the 2000s or early 2010s.

What I remember is this film crew going through some jungle or otherwise foresty environment — could’ve even been South America, but I think it may have actually been India or somewhere in Asia (Thailand/Philippines?). Anyway, the film crew rolls up to this large complex of buildings, or a temple (can’t remember which). I remember lots of hallways with sparse rooms–sort of like windows or entryways that are open between the rooms and the hallways–that they kepe walking past. It was dark and was either underground or on ground level.They go inside hesitantly because they sense some foreboding events that may happen. eventually, I remember them running around inside trying to find all of the members of the crew, but there are these crazy temple devotees everywhere keeping them hostage or maybe coaxing them to come with them for rescue, when in fact they’re keeping them prisoner or something. For the life of me, I cannot remember anything more than that. It was probably either a foreign film or one that was an indie-style/found footage movie.  I don’t remember it being a “nice” movie to watch… probably very horrific and with lots of suspense. I was really into that sort of thing back then… just cannot remember what it was called. Any help you can give is SO appreciated… I’ve spent hours trying to find this online, with no luck.

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