Horror Movie with Weeping Woman

I remember this movie with a weeping woman who is actually a ghost, I think she killed herself after her son accidentally died, I think she was taking drugs and her son saw her and tried to take it from her and she pushed him away and he hit his head and died or something like that and she held on to him and was crying then she killed herself but her spirit is trapped in the house, A lady went to visit her ( don’t remember if it was one of her relative) and she heard crying but when she said hello noone would answer so she ran to the door to go outside and the door shut by itself and the ghost lady killed her, there was this teenage girl that went in the house too but wasn’t killed but the ghost lady followed her to the woods where she was camping with her friends, they all died but in the spirit, the girl healed the lady from her suffering, it ends with the girl putting her hands on her shoulder or head. There’s also a part in it where the girl parents tried to help her, (Its a 2000-2017 Horror Movie)

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