Horror movie with a blonde caucasian lead who has an asian son haunted by asian ghosts

There was this movie a long time ago that played on TV, at least 10 years ago, where the lead was a blonde Caucasian. I don’t recall ever finishing the movie therefore I would like to find it.

What I could remember:

The movie starts out with an older Asian man (around 40) being chased by a dark flying evil spirit through the woods, and him tripping along the way at which the demon catches up and supposedly gets eaten, I think, due to the fact it cuts to the next scene before the supposed getting eaten part.

Then it follows a blonde Caucasian woman, who is the lead, that moves into an Asian country with her Asian husband and Asian son. This Asian country, I assume, is China due to the fact during the exposition people are offering money and fruits by throwing them into small fires or lighting candles and sticks as offerings.

It just so happens the blonde woman begins to have headaches followed by hallucinations when they moved to this Asian country, and it was later discovered that her son is also susceptible to these hallucinations as well. These hallucinations include; evil spirits that apparently eat people, visions of dead ghosts, etc.

One particular scene I remember is that while eating dinner her son refuses to eat the food but she insists he does, but when she looks at her own food it turns into wiggling worms, she gasps then looks at her plate again and nothing. Another scene I remember is that when she goes to the market she sees an evil spirit that I think proceeds to follow her until she runs into another store where the man manages to wave the spirit away with smoke. She later asks him for something to help with the headaches, so he offers her a crushed fish head mixed in some fluid (I think), he said this orally not physically offer her it, of course she refuses. The last scene I could remember was that her son was sleep walking or possessed by I think and evil spirit that was female, and they walk into a dye or clothing factory and black dye comes out of the kids mouth, I think.

If anyone could provide a list of potential movies that would be great.

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