Horror movie where baby and babysitter are abducted, I think.

I’m trying to think of this movie, which I’ve been looking for it for about a week straight and it’s driving me crazy.

What I remember about this movie, which it was a movie (not a tv movie either), is that these…clan people kidnap or try to kidnap a baby and babysitter (I think she was the babysitter…not quite sure. I remember she was wearing a blue top and I think a skirt.) These people bring both to a cave, where the leader of the clan I think assaults the babysitter. I think the clan’s objective is to take babies or something of that sort. I’m pretty sure it’s a fairly new movie. I’d have to say after 2007… I believe where the baby was taken was on a farm…though I’m not entirely sure.

That is what I mostly remember from the movie.

9 thoughts on “Horror movie where baby and babysitter are abducted, I think.

    1. I’m not entirely sure. I don’t think it was, but I could be wrong. From what I remember, it was more American. The people who abducted the baby were like savage…I don’t think they could even speak. They just wanted the baby from what I remember. They took the babysitter or whoever it was…which I want to say the leader of the savage people may have assaulted(Sexually) her…in hopes of breeding, but I’m not so sure about that.

  1. Total long shot, but in The Hills Have Eyes (2006) a baby is kidnapped by the hill people (who are inbred to the point where some don’t really speak from what I remember). The mother is raped (and possibly killed, I don’t remember) and they take the baby back to their dwelling.

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