Horror movie from (80’s?)

English / American horror movie / Color / Late 70’s – 80’s movie

I do not remember much from this movie, no plot or anything and details are foggy.

Young boy walks into a (magic?) shop in a town.. I remember that the clerk possibly had a cloak and “googly glasses” or them fake novelty glasses with the slinky eyeballs.

There is a seance scene and I think I remember someone outside playing with phone lines or something.  Someone may get zapped through the phone?

There is a house that is haunted.  There is like an outside shot of it which is dark and shadowy and you can hear in a deep voice either “get out of my house” or “stay out of my house”  something along those lines.

I know it’s not  much to go on, hopefully someone can help me out.  I have been looking for this movie for years.

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