Horror Movie About Immortality

This movie is a horror movie about a couple who goes or gets lost in some deserted town. They come across a hotel/motel? and their is a woman who is like a creature that falls in love with the husband in the movie. The people of that town are all immortal. There is a scene of her at the window of the hotel room with the husband in the room. At the end of the movie, there is a scene of the woman killing the wife by making cuts all over her body. At the end she takes in the husband her own and he becomes immortal too. They show this with a scene of him swimming with her and he doesn’t have to come up for air.

PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME FIND THIS MOVIE, I just want to know the title!

3 thoughts on “Horror Movie About Immortality

  1. That sounds downright Lovecraftian to me. I’m going to guess “Dagon.” In the end, the man swims off with his sister/wife, presumably to make monstrous babies.

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