Horror movie / a lady’s hair moves?

So, I caught part of a horror movie on television years ago and have been trying to find out what it was ever since, but unfortunately I don’t have much to go on. The only scene I remember is of a woman with dark hair sitting in front of a mirror, and she saw her hair move by itself in a really noticeable way–I think there was a ghost? I’m also pretty certain (but not 100%) the room she was in was rather red, I’m not sure if it was the lighting or the actual room. I don’t know when the movie was made but I saw it more than 5 years ago. Is this scene familiar to anyone?

8 thoughts on “Horror movie / a lady’s hair moves?

  1. Neither of these unfortunately, but I did remember another detail: The lady (and I think possibly other people as well) had to stay in this house for some reason, and not long after the hair scene, she was talking to a man about having to stay there. I don’t know if that helps at all…

    Also her hair moves in a REALLY obvious way, not like the wind moving it, but like a strand curling in a loop or something weird like that.

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