Horror movie

Ok guys so here it is . Like 2-3 years ago i watched a movie about some teenage group that went on a trip when a black man faked he was hit by their car. Then he points the gun to them and told them to go in a ghost town (or something like that). They arrived there and were zombie creatures (or something like that) every where.Then a big guy camed and killed some of the teenagers and some of them tried to escape but everytime they went out of the town they comed back and the time never changed and freeze. It was some like a curse i don’t know can you guys please help me with this movie ?

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  1. I know exactly which movie you’re talking about but I can’t remember for the life of me either. I just remember the black guy talking about how well a well timed slap on a car door sounds like a legitimate hit. Basically, just know you’re not alone in this one.

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