Horror movie 80s maybe 70s

I saw this move in the early 90s but it looked older, most likely 80s but maybe 70s.

The movie is developed in a funerary house, or at least part of it, on the ground level the house is like a regular funerary house with a small chapel-like room, and the basement is where the bodies are “prepared” for the funeral. The “bad guy” is a tall pale man who wears a suit, and I’m pretty sure he wears a hat too. On the last scene, the bad guy, who apparently survived to the usual horror movie drama is seen walking on the funerary house hallway until he reaches a body on an open coffin, he then grabs a syringe and pinch the body extracting (or maybe introducing) some sort of white-yellow-ish translucent liquid to the dead body. We can then see that after removing the syringe from the body, the bad guy licks a drop of the liquid that was dripping from the needle of the syringe. I cant remember well, but I’m pretty sure that the liquid played an important role in the movie.

6 thoughts on “Horror movie 80s maybe 70s

  1. Yes! I just saw parts of Phantasm 2 in youtube and its the one that I remember. I have bad memory because that’s not the last scene and it doesn’t happen exactly as I described, but that’s definitely the movie. Thank you for your help!

    1. I figured it had to be one of the Phantasm films (there are five). It was hard to say exactly which, as the sequels are interleaved with flashbacks, often in the form of long scenes and outtakes from the other entries. Fun series.

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