Horror film with talking decapitated head?

Hello everyone,


A long time ago, maybe around 2007-9 (very foggy on the date, but that’s probably close) my father and I rented a horror film that we never really watched. We watched the beginning, and I’ve been looking for it ever since.

From what I remember, it starts with a blonde lass, short haired, running in a forest with dark brown trees, I think they were almost completely bare (around autumn) with yellow leaves here and there. The soil was completely black. It was probably around midnight; the skies were very dark. She was running from something, I presume.

Anyway, she stumbled upon a group of white bags just hanging around in an area of the forest with trees surrounding it. I remember her opening one of the bags and seeing pale, severed arms. Then she opened another one and a head with black spiked hair, black lips and tongue and deathly pale skin made a joke or laughed at her or something. She dropped it and screamed.

That’s all I really remember.

It was in English, and it was in colour. The quality was not half bad.

Thanks for your help.

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