Hope you guys can identifiy that movie

I know for sure that movie was filmed before 2013, because i have watched it earlier that year on a dvd, i would say it was probably filmed between 2008 and 2012

It was about the human race in the space that, were programmed to all at the same and they all were wearing white clothes all the time.

Except there was one guy who was not like the others and was questioning everthing what was happening.

the people in control always picked a lucky “winner” that have just won a trip to a beautiful island and were brought out

Well the one guy was curious and wondered what really happened and saw they were killed

He was close to a blonde girl, he was talking to a lot and tried to “wake her up”, one day she got choosen as a winner and he wanted to prevent it

hope the description was clear and detailed enough to have the answer

thank you guys

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