hit by bus, girl remembers, twilight zone?

1) Movie? Someone gets hit by a bus, a man goes under the bus. He cuts the victim’s throat, and with a pen or straw sucks out the blood. Makes a very common slurpy sound that makes you gag the next time you hear it!


2) Saw on tv. It was night. They were twins or in pairs and in pairs they stepped into a verticle aurora type of light and dissapeared. There was 3 left, so one stayed behind. It couldld have been night in a dessert or a different planet.

3) saw it on tv but I think it was a movie. I remember it was in the same year that The Man in the Iron man was shown on tv. Its about a father and daughter who are poor. The daughter tells her father that she has dreams of being rich, in dresses, and parties. Her dad tells her that those were memories not dreams.

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