Help with demon horror flick title.

I saw this movie about 10-15 years ago, and it wasn’t super old, maybe 80’s-90’s? It was in color, in English, and on TV. The main part I remember is at the end. A priest is trying to save a young woman from this demon that is crawling around the church. The priest is nailed to a cross in the front of the church, but he pulls his hands over the nails to get off the cross and try to save the young women, who I think was a virgin.

There is another dramatic part a little before that last part where the priest sees someone else nailed to a cross, which I think turns upside down and then bursts into flames, at which point the priest cries out “my god what is this you would have me do?!”

This is all from memory, so forgive any errors. Thank you in advance!

Ryan White

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