Help! Movie about people who plug device into themesves to be smarter…

There was a movie about humans who plug this small computer like device into their bodies (I think back of head or in upper back) and they become efficient and super intelligent but they lose their emotions and then become “bad guys”. Well, the main character becomes one of them by plugging this small device into himself and can track them because he becomes as smart as them. Well, soon later, he takes the device out and starts to be human again and have feelings. This movie was came out in the last few years, I believe. Please help me!!! I’m going crazy over here trying to figure out what the movie is called.

5 thoughts on “Help! Movie about people who plug device into themesves to be smarter…

  1. No, it’s not that movie. It’s a newer one. I remember the main character guy gains new insight when he connects this thing to his body. I think he takes the device off of a dead human “hybrid” and puts it on himself. then he gets so intelligent that he loses his emotions and becomes uncaring. He also talks in a monotone voice. But he is able to take the device off before it’s too late and then he is able to get back to normal.

  2. Sounds like the last few episodes of the television show “Fringe.” The character, Peter, takes a chip out of the base of an Observer’s brain and puts it into his own, ( he later removes it before it totally kills off his emotions), so as to be able to do & see the remarkable things that the Observers can.

  3. Yessssssssss!!!!!!! Thank you SOOO much, Jenn!!!! I thought I was going insane, because no one had heard of it!!! Ugh, now I can sleep at night not pondering it anymore!!! Haha!

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