Help me remember an anime movie!

I remember I watched this anime movie on Netflix years ago, but now it’s not available on Netflix anymore. It only had Japanese audio on Netflix with English subs.

I remember the movie starts out at night, and there was this small road with a forest nearby. A cat sits nearby the road and a car drives by. I don’t remember much of the beginning.

It turns out that cat is special because she can turn into a girl, even though she still keeps her tail and ears. I remember the cat girl lives in the forest and she lives in a small house with many friends.

One day, her friends tell her that she should go out there, instead of just hiding in the forest. They suggest she attends school. The cat girl is reluctant, because she’s a cat and she doesn’t wanna attend school as a cat. Her friends suggest her to turn into her human self and hide her ears and tail with a hat and skirt. She goes to school and she’s nervous on people finding out she’s a cat.

The cat girl eventually finds a guy at school and they start to become friends.

There were also some close calls where her tail accidently peeked out her skirt and she pulled it down.

I’ve been looking for this anime movie for a long time, and I’d greatly appreciate some help.

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