Help Me Find The Title Of This Movie Please

This is a 90’s chinese movie. I saw it in a chinese channel, Xing Kong channel, 9th July 2018. I never know the title cause they dont put the movie name.

Anyway, i saw it from a scene in a bar. 2 guys and a girl was hanging out and one of the guys, which i assume is the main character were drunk. so the other sober guy asked the girl, how long he’s been here and she said she dont remember.

The next scene was the two guys were walking home and the sober guy kept on rambling about how he paid the drunk guy’s drink. Then they got into a small fight, the drunk guy pushes the sober guy until he fell down. Then the drunk guy start staying stuff about the sober guy (which i remember his name was Dee) is fat, and girls like him because of his money and that theyre putting a fake smile while with him and that his salary isnt enough for them. Then the drunk guyp grab a stick(?) and smashes the neon shop signs. then they peace out.

the next scene was in the  sober guy’s home (Dee), some lady was looking for him and the one who answer it is a younger girl wearing uniform(?). The younger girl leads the lady onto his bed and said stuff about he drank too much last night.

Thats all i remember. Sorry if its too common. I needed too know the title of the movie ’cause the background setting’s in the scene where Dee and the drunk guy was fighting is aesthetic. I know the neon lights is because of the shop signs, which are mainly yellow and red. The settings are so cool i need for references. I assume this was one of Andy Lau’s movies, but seeing there are a lot of his movies that are shot in the 90’s made me gave up. So… if anyone know, please,please,please tell me.


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