Help Me Find The Name of This Movie!!

Ok! I am going crazy not being able to find this movie or TV movie I think was from the 60s or 70s. It was about a crazy Mom who had a proper type daughter who helped her with her extravagant garden. The mother gave her injections everyday. The father is estranged and he comes to visit the Daughter with his new love. Then there is this boy in a touque that causes the car to go off the road, destroys the Mothers garden. The Father chases the boy up to the attic of the house. As the Father gets closer he can see the boy has blond hair thats been cut and its the Daughter! Just then you can hear a voice of a nurse that says congratulations (to the mother) you have a son! So really the kid was born a boy but the crazy mother lied and said it was a girl! Gave the kid female hormones but let on the kid was sick and needed the shots! Crazy right! LOL

Hoping someone can help.

Thank you!

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  1. Unfortunately I can’t find much about this one online. I read one of the critic’s reviews on IMDb, and they mention the hormone shots and the shock ending where it’s revealed that the female protagonist was born a male. Oh well, here is a trailer anyway.

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