HELP! Kids movie early 90’s scary and weird


This was ages ago I was very young watching on TV, anywhere from 2001-2005 (sorry i cant narrow it down more!) I don’t remember much just a few scenes that make no sense!

Brother and sister young kids around the age 9-14 younger boy and the sister is older. They get put into a parallel universe or other world, there is a street all dark and grey. This one scene they are in a cul de sac that has all the same houses exactly the same grey its getting darker and they have to run away from the bad guy.

Another scene they think they are back home after going through this awful experience, they turn and run inside (through a patio) and swing door. Back in the kitchen yelling from their mum (maybe dad), not there and then the realise oh no its a dream (mirage, fake) the room swirls and the bad guy comes they are in the room, the floor is giant worms? looks like intestines? (really gross)

I was really little and its the only thing i can remember from the movie so im sorry its not more in-depth but I cannot get it off my mind! please help!



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