[HELP!] Can’t remember name of the movie: Latino Spanish language, old male recalls falling in love as a teenager with a mysterious older…



I would really like to know the name / title of the following movie. If anyone knows it, I am willing to pay for it! I can’t remember the name of the movie. Part of the plot which I remember goes like this:

An old male recalls having some kind of affair with an older and strange woman from his village / town. She appears to be gypsy and he was a Spanish young man when they firstly met. He keeps having flashbacks with the two of them having sex / making love in her cottage / small house outside the town (somewhere in the middle of nature). She is older than he was as a teen, and she looks like a witch. The mysterious and attractive gypsy lady has done some tarot card readings for the teen, and foreseen future events in his life. She seduced him but she maintained relationships with other men visiting her as well. In one scene they had sex at her house in the night and he had to run from there because some other man was coming to see the woman. The old man recalling himself a teenager was her youngest lover at the time, and he keeps saying her name after the flashbacks disappear. He also remembers talking to his friend about the woman, but he receives strange feedback as though the woman was a cursed witch or something.
Then, as the old white-bearded man he is in the present, returns to visit the old place / town and there’s this really strong scene where he sees this street artist covered in layers of white bandages looking like a mummy and standing still like a statue, and all of a sudden the mummy turns it’s head towards him and you could feel it was watching him.
I’ve seen the movie as a kid (when I was around 10 yrs old and now I’m 20) and judging by the video quality I assume it was filmed somewhere between ’85 and 2005. It definitely didn’t have a big budget, I would say a maximum of 1 mil. $. It was either Spanish or Mexican, but I would go with the first one.
Thanks for your time!

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