Hello all, I watched a movie a few years ago about a White woman i believe she was a photojournalist or did photography and she ends up meeting this Arabian or Muslim man and they start having a romance. In the movie from what I remember, she travels to his country (in one scene they’re at this market and they begin to kiss and show major PDA and they end up getting arrested because the market owner calls the cops on them for breaking the law) they get bailed out by his brother I believe and she finds out that he’s rich and his family is high profile but they’re very much in love and even get impulsively married by papers in one scene. Due to the laws in his country she has a personal driver who is a woman and they start a friendship and the driver takes her around to photograph the people and culture while her man is at work. His family disapproves of her (especially his mother) and the only one who likes her is his sister. At one point his brother beats her up while her man is not home because they all want her to end the relationship. The catch is that he already has someone he’s supposed to be marrying because of his social  so she makes the decision to break of the relationship so he can marry the girl intended for him (daughter of a big political guy I believe) despite their love for each other.

Further description: old (tv channel where they give older movies) and in color

I know this may seem like a long shot but I don’t think I’ll rest properly without finding this movie lol.

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