I can’t remember much about this film and it definitely isn’t rocky horror

This is an old horror film

a transvestite (man) tries to entice a man to sleep with him, the man declines and runs away the the beach, the transvestite kills him

I’m pretty sure there were others that were killed by him but I can’t remember

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  1. I immediately thought of Beyond the Valley of the Dolls as well, Coto. This has to be it. Here is part of the plot synopsis from Wikipedia, which describes this scene towards the end of this movie.

    After Z-Man tries to seduce Lance, who spurns him, he reveals that he has female breasts, meaning he has been a female in drag all this time.[N 1] Z-Man then goes on a murderous rampage: he beheads Lance with a sword, stabs his servant Otto (Henry Rowland) to death, and shoots Roxanne and Casey, killing them.

  2. Thanks Livinghead – guess we will see what tylaajaynee has to say. 🙂 I did the “maybe” because it is not what I would call a horror movie, but it is a freaky movie.

  3. Beyond the Valley of the Dolls is one of my “guilty pleasure” movies – written by the director (Russ Meyer) and Roger Ebert. Go for it, tylaajaynee, watch it again! It’s a hoot! You are very welcome!

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