Hi so i have been trying to find this movie for so long and it’s driving me crazy. I saw it for the first time on TV around 6 years ago. I remember that it was about two girls one of whom is blonde and married to this older man but she is having and affair. the man she is having and affair with shows up to her home one day and threatens to expose her to her husband unless she pays him. apparently it was her friend who had put him up to this. but her husband is already suspicious of his wife so he hires a private investigator to follow her. the twist to the movie ends up being that the two women had planned the whole thing from the start. they planned to set up the other man for the murder of the husband and the friend ends up killing the husband naked with this horn things he kept on his desk. later in the movie things end up going to shit and the girls end up killing the private investigator. and they end up turning on eachother so the blonde girl kills her friend. then the movie ends with the blonde girl handcuffing the poor guy they get up and leading him into the woods to kill him since he figured out their plan. but he gets out of the handcuffs there’s a struggle and he ends up dead but during the struggle he hand managed to get one of the cuffs on the girls wrist so she is stuck in the middle of the woods handcuffed to a dead body. the final scene in the movie is there two skeletons still handcuffed together.

Now even through i can remember so much of this movie i have had no luck finding it! i hope someone can help.

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