Haunting me for years!

I saw this in the early 90’s (i cant remember exactly when) but it could’ve been an 80s film. It was on the television at the time and it scared me for life. SCENE: A young woman was taking a shower in a small building set in the woods (I want to say that it was a campground or summer camp). The sun was almost completely set as the majority of the sky was pitch black with only a sliver of blue from the last remaining sunlight. While in the building, it shows her under the stream of the shower, then pans to the frosted window. Something is outside, but what? Back to the shower, there is blood covering the walls.

I can’t remember anything else from that. I think I was too traumatized and pushed the rest of that memory into the blackness it belonged in at the time. I would love to find it now in hopes of conquering my fear. Thank you.

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