Guy’s spinal column ripped out – 80’s or 90’s horror

Hi all,

So, I’ve been trying to remember more scenes of this movie, but the only one I’ve got so far is the following:

There’s a guy driving fast on what seems to be a farm (or a plantation field). Suddenly, some sort of a living plant starts getting into the car and takes the guy out of it. Then, it rips out both his head and spinal column out.

I remember seeing that when I was a kid (Yes, I was horrified), so it might be either a movie from the 80’s or 90’s. It was on colour and maybe in english (not sure)

I know it’s vague but that´s what I can do for now, sorry ’bout that! Any help will be appreciated!


3 thoughts on “Guy’s spinal column ripped out – 80’s or 90’s horror

    1. It seems it’s this one! The guy wasn’t driving a car after all… maybe I was so horrified that I made it up hahahahaah

      Thanks for helping me out!

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