Guy shoots other guy with tiny gun hidden in underwear

Ok, so all i remember from this movie is this one scene. A guy (possibly Brendan Gleeson, but since I’ve tried looking up his movies, I’m starting to doubt it’s him) wants to kill another guy. Since he knows he’s gonna get searched for weapons, he gets a very small gun and hides it in his underwear. He goes to see this guy then, and while they are sitting down and talking, he puts his hand down his pants. This guy looks at him funny (or asks him what he’s doing, i don’t remember exactly) and he just tells him he got an STD from a hooker or something like that. When he manages to adjust the gun properly he shoots the guy (don’t remember if he actually kills him).

Well that’s all i remember. I will be very grateful if someone can figure out which movie this is, it’s been killing me for weeks! Thanks in advance!

4 thoughts on “Guy shoots other guy with tiny gun hidden in underwear

  1. The Guard (2011)

    “Much to O’Leary’s amusement, Boyle begins scratching his groin. Believing that the Sergeant caught crabs from a prostitute, O’Leary quips that he has only himself to blame. To his shock, however, Boyle pulls out the derringer from the cache and fatally shoots O’Leary.”

    1. I can’t say for sure if this is the one, but from the description, it definetly sounds like it. I’ll check out the movie and see the scene myself. Thank you very much!!! Btw mods, feel free to mark this as solved.

  2. I think this is Ricochet with Denzel Washington and John Lithgow. Near the beginning Denzel has to strip to prove to Lithgow he doesn’t have any weapons, but he has a gun hidden in a small pocket in his briefs. Later, Lithgow kidnaps Denzel trying to destroy his reputation and videotapes him being molested by a prostitute while drugged, from which he contracts a minor STD.

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