Guitar String Bracelet?

Okay…so i just thought of this scene where one of the characters gives their romantic interest a guitar string bracelet and I’m pretty sure they say, “in case yours ever breaks”. I can’t remember if this is in a movie or a tv show. My original thought was that it was something related to the Disney Channel but now I’m not too sure. I have searched so many things on Google and actually looked through the scripts of a couple movies that i thought it was in but i still can’t find it.HELP ME!!!

2 thoughts on “Guitar String Bracelet?

  1. There is a scene like that in “The Barbie Diaries”(2006)

    …Kevin takes one of his guitar strings and loops it around her wrist. Barbie points out that it is a “stupid piece of bent metal” until she realizes that is what her bracelet was…’

    You can watch it here, but the guitar string scene is at 58:20

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