Guardian Angel accidentally lets two people fall in love

Ok so I don’t have that many details because I wasn’t the one who watched the movie but basically someone was telling me about this movie. And its about guardian angels who make sure you do exactly what needs to happen to follow your fate or whatever. And one time an angel wasn’t paying attention, and this guy drops his cup (i think) which makes him leave his house 2 minutes later or something like that, and leads him to run in to someone who he wasn’t supposed to. And then they fall in love but they aren’t supposed and I guess the angel has to fix it? Not sure. Again, I wasn’t the one who saw the movie but I know it had to have come out before July 2011. That all I know.

Thanks in advance for any help you guys may have!

4 thoughts on “Guardian Angel accidentally lets two people fall in love

  1. I’m thinking maybe the movie you are referring to is Cowboys and Angels starring Radha Mitchell, although that movie came out in 2003 so I may be wrong.

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