grimm like vanhelsin grenure film released 2005 onwards

i rememebr seeing this  film  wehen i moved  in  2005  would  of been round then or  after

all i remember of a scene was a man in his 30s

either he was a son or grandson  of some  adventurer

going  threw a  door  of a  office like stufy , room was full of old stuff like a indiana jones collection scene maps  books etc

now all i know is  he  eiter  is reluctant in his  job  or  finds out  that he has a ablitlty seeing  shadows ghost demons  in the  real world but  other like normal  pll cant

and i think he re cieved a phone call or  he  goes in this office to find out  info   , and hes basicaly  moral  of the story  got  to fight these creatures or this dark side ,

think there was either a  woman  long  brown hair   or  a  black  guy  that works  with him or knows a bout it

its  like  grimm the  tv series  but this  was a film

had that  grim  van helsin  genure to it

but its not them

and its not that newone with the  girl that  sees  the shadows either

city of immortsls  thing   but  its  got that  same  fill

i thik in this scen wen hes in the office or  study  he  either  opens a book to read or  a chest  holding  something

that helps him


hes  either reluctant  to do a job  ir it  stasrts were he  sees  a shadow  monster whilst  at  work our out

iknow its  set in armerica  as well

not  old times more like  now times



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