Graveyard in the backyard and red orbs??

Ok so at least 10 years ago I was watching TV at my aunt’s house and this wicked creepy movie came on.  This family, which definitely had at least a mom and 1-2 kids, moved into an oldish house.  As it turns out, the backyard served as a family graveyard for the family that lived there before. The family is haunted by angry spirits from the cemetary thing in their backyard and I’m pretty sure there was an old man that helped out the mom around the house/yard who kind of knew what was going on.  Anyway, eventually the ghosts materialize at the end as red orbs and the sister/family member of the ghosts (who is wicked old) starts shouting at them to leave and they do.  Also at one point the son is in the car waiting for his mom and starts to roll backwards into the street even though no one is in the drivers seat.

Thank you for all your help!

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