Gory anime from early 2000’s or 90’s

I remember quite vividly an anime or cartoon that was incredibly gory. I was super young at the time, somewhere between the age of 5 and 7 (so approximately 2000-2002), having a sleepover with some cousins. They had both gone to sleep when I turned on the cartoon network channel, thinking I could watch Tom and Jerry or something. After a commercial, the show/movie that was on showed these soldiers getting pulled out of their mech suits and being examined by robots or something. While they were being examined I remember them being cut in half from their heads down to their asscheeks, where you could see the bones and how the blood was still being pumped through their bodies (the soldiers were still alive, but groaning). The robot/camera thing was just examining them. This shit is still so vivid to me, and after extensive searching on the web, I can’t find anything that remotely sounds like it. This show gave me nightmares and scared the living hell out of me and I can still vividly remember this scene from 15-16 years ago.


I know this is a weird situation, but I’d appreciate any help in figuring out what this show was.

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