Girl tied up in tree and her captor strips down her pants

It’s not actually a movie that I don’t remember. I saw a short clip and I want to know which movie or tv show it’s from.

The clips shows a girl with her hands tied up in a tree and then her captor who resembles a redneck with two hunting rifles with him said that the doctor is taking his time and he wants the girl to scream. The girl refuses, the captor then decides to strip down her pants and do something with her (I think he fingered her) to make her scream. The girl still didn’t scream. At the end something spooked the captor and said “we’re going out there”. He then untied the girl and dragged her along with her pants still half way down.

The girl is wearing a blue shirt and grayish pants and kinda looks like Amy Adams at first glance but she’s not.

Judging from the clip. I Think the movie is kinda recent maybe around 2010 above. And I also think the clip has cuts on it.



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