Girl that was Killed

The part of this movie I remembered is a teenage girl saying that I didn’t know that in 1 day or 3 hours from now I will be dead, ( some time frame like that ) she went to a party or just took a walk but it was in the night and when she almost reached home ,she was killed, I think its like 10 to 15 years later they found out who killed her, it was a man who killed her and he was arrested but thats all I remembered about the movie.

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    1. If this movie is from 2009 I dont think its it, the movie I described is from about the 90s and its more like a lifetime detective Movie, You’re the second person who suggest a movie i asked about as the lovely bones so I’m going to watch it ,it looks interesting.

    1. Well, *almost* exactly what you described. I was able to find a really crappy copy on youtube to refresh my memory. The dead girl narrates her story. She says, “a week later, I will be dead”, and towards the end it’s shown that she was almost to her house when she was killed.

      The murder was solved 25 years later.

      Here’s the full movie on Youtube, but it’s not a very good transfer, and it’s pretty small on the screen. 58:51 is where she says “a week later, I will be dead” and 1:05:55 is where she is killed on the way up to her house.

      1. Thanks it’s it, I was familiar with the title but did not remember that it was this movie, I like the stars spinning around it.Think I wouldn’t find it.

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