Girl that manages to handle herself growing up

So as i remember it, Movie takes place in something 1900s in America if i remember it correct where this girl were left or sold to the brothel by her father where she would later on grow up, while living there she were working in the brothel as a helper or janitor because she was to young, she later tries singing and understands that this way she could grow. Some years later i think she meets her mother that abondened her where her mother beggs her ( at that time quite known) daughter for money in which girl respond by deying her because she left her when girl where much younger.

One thought on “Girl that manages to handle herself growing up

  1. Lady Sings the Blues (1972)? -Biographical drama film about jazz singer Billie Holiday

    “In a flashback to 1928, Billie is working as a housekeeper in a brothel.”

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