Girl In a Coma

For the longest time I’ve searched to find the title for this movie but have had no success. The movie begins with a brother and sister walking to school. They cross the road which is all cobblestone so I’m assuming it’s a European movie. As they cross the road, the girl gets hit by a car and put into a coma. The family tries everything to wake her but they have no success. They finally find a doctor who says he can put the brother into a coma to rescue her and bring her back so he connects their brain waves through wires or something. The brother finds his sister at a cabin. She is on the pond playing and she slips through the ice. Her brother runs to save her and can bring her out of the water. This wakes her from the coma. I believe the girls name is possibly Frankie. I’m not too sure though. I saw this movie before 2010 but after 2000. It was on tv. It was in color, but very dark. Please try to find it! Hopefully someone else remembers this. My mom remembers but can’t remember the name of it either :/

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    1. No that wasn’t the movie 🙁 the kids were around the ages of 8-12. The movie was very dark and the scene where she is hit by the car, it is very rainy.

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