Giant Troll Monster Movie

I remember seeing a movie as a young lad in the mid to early 90’s. It was about 2 Giant troll monsters, one was good and one was bad. In one of the earliest scenes of the movie there is an over head shot of a boat out in the ocean with a few people on it. As the camera pans back you can see a giant creature lurking below. It then lunges up and eats the entire boat whole. If I remember correctly a group of people raise or know of another troll that is good that they have fight against the bad troll. I’m pretty sure the movie was in color. I can’t remember much more than that. It was probably made in the 80’s I would guess.

One thought on “Giant Troll Monster Movie

  1. It sounds like “War of the Gargantuas”(1966). They looked like bigfoot and the bad one had green fur and the good one was brown.

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