Ghost lose their castle and save the world

OK folks,

OK folks,

So I’ve been looking for this for five years now… I still regret to this day not going to Blockbuster again and getting it for my sons request… But blockbuster to has vanished into the archives of history. Here’s a plot summary:

There’s these ghosts headed by a British/Scottish/Irish/handsome looking ghost fellow who runs the castle but has no legs, married to a ghost   Female who was drowned in her previous existence. With an ex “human” cannonball China man who is now nothing more but a flaming skull.  Our regular tag group of dispossessed spirits who have lost their castle and if memory serves wind up in the London tower?…  well still trying to remain a family… Despite none of them being physically related… There are human beings and sort of an ectoplasmic machine and  human children playing sonic  The hedgehog video games… While the future of humanity lives in the balance there’s probably no subject this movie didn’t take on it was in general release and Blockbuster video a year before they closed. I will happily send a reward of some sort to the person who can successfully answer my question which remains what is this movie?

I know, it sounds so bad it must be brilliant but what’s the title

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  1. Comedy? Drama? Horror? It seems a bit madcap based on your description. Was it family friendly? A few elements remind me of “High Spirits” with Peter O’Toole, but there’s way too much that doesn’t fit with that guess. The Chinese human cannonball flaming skull ghost seems like something you could look up and find but I’ve had no luck. A bit more info on the tone of the film might help.

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