Ghost and cursed family drama

This movie has been nagging me for a decade, it’s some sort of fantasy family drama, not horror since they showed it in an autocar with kids going on a trip.

The movie starts in the past with villagers attacking a mansion/castle because they believe the family living there are magic practitioners/vampires. A young woman from the family hides a magic pendant under a floorboard.

Decades later another family moves into the mansion and have to deal with remaining ghosts and a curse on the place. The mother/new step-mother? gets possessed/kidnapped when an evil spirit recognises her as some sort of reincarnation of a past lover once she puts on the pendant.

In the final scene, the whole family accompanies the kids to school where they see a new student and his family arrive, it’s the boy and his mother from the cursed family who have been freed and can now live out their lives in peace.I think the “modern time” family had a daughter and a son at least.

I watched this movie in an autocar sometime before 2006, in English. It was in colour.

Please help me find this movie’s name!

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