German Film with supporting blonde French actress from 2000s

Hi there!

I remember watching a German film on SBS (in Australia) within the 2000s. Not exactly sure when, but it was most likely around the early to mid-2000s.

I don’t remember too much but I do remember the film featuring a blonde French young women as a supporting role. Her character was a very loose, slutty young woman who moved to Germany, for what I think was to study. She can’t pronounce the letter H and it really irritates the main actress in the film.

A scene that I remember very vividly was when the main actress walks in on the main actor and the French girl having sex, in the cowgirl position (if that helps anyone), in his room. The French girl turns to the main actress and says “Allo” instead of “Hallo” to which the main actress agitatedly corrects her. The main actress closes the door and walks away, only to re-enter the room to once again catch the two having sex.

It was somewhat of a comedy-drama. If anyone could help me find this film, I’d REALLY appreciate it. THANK YOU!?


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