Frozen Children beat School Teacher to death

This had to have come out between 1992-2000 but I remember only one scene.

These two kids about 5 or so who looked Frozen to death (blue skin and icicles on their faces) walk into a kindergarten classroom and grab some tinker toy hammers and beat the teacher to death. A man is outside and the other kids run to get him. He comes in the kids are gone and the teacher is lying face up all bloody so he takes one of the kids paintings and puts it over his face.



4 thoughts on “Frozen Children beat School Teacher to death

    1. @1:04. Icicles? Nah, just their deformed faces. Though they are wearing parkas and scarves over their footie pajamas. Must be cold up Canada way.

      1. Thank You soooooo much. I was like 4 maybe younger when I saw this so I assume my little brain saw icicles! I’ve tried for years to find this movie!

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