from the current Ikea advert

It was a short silent animated film shown around Christmas time maybe 10 or 15 years ago. If you watch the current Ikea advert you will get the picture, I think the concept for this advert has been taken on that film. A planet, the inhabitants were going about their lives, working, hunting etc until they died. At this time they would walk to a place at the centre of the planet, fall through, turning into a chrysalis and emerge from an umbilical cord type thing at the base of the planet, reborn as a flying creature which looked very similar to a manta ray. These flying creatures were then killed by the inhabitants. It was a slow moving film with quite dark colours, I guess about the circle of life. The Ikea ad just sees the creature flying away and the graphics are different but the concept is the same. The shape of the planet it the same. Hope someone remembers it or knows someone involved in the Ikea adverts

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